First Sickness

By BrandonMilestones3 Comments

Sydney returned from her visit to Indiana with an ear and sinus infection. This is a milestone because — believe it or not — this was her first fever ever! We made it 21 months with no sickness. That was a pretty good run I would say. Takes after her Dad. I get sick once a decade it seems — unless you count the occasional bad meal that has you up all night. Anyway, Sydney is pretty whiney as she moves around the house.


But oddly every few hours, this random burst of energy comes out!

  • Aunt Jamie

    Syd I hope your feeling better, you sure dont want to come back to Fort Wayne right now. Uncle Kevin and I just got done shoveling the 5 inches of snow we got last night. They say more is expected. I miss you Sweety Pie!XOXO

  • G’ma C

    Syd, although this will never win any literary awards … here’s a little poem for you: “When you’re driving with your honey, and your nose becomes a little runny, you may think it’s funny, but it’s snot.”

    Hope you’re feeling better, Baby Girl.

  • Jennifer Delp

    ha ha ha ha! thats a good one!