• G’ma C

    Sydney, Papa hates snow. It was 78 degrees on the island today. He and Aunt Sara fixed salmon on the grill, while I made a salad. Wish you were here Baby Girl.


  • Aunt Natalee

    Do these new sentences replace “Where’s Ta-Ta?”

  • Nope. She got that Ta-Ta doll and he must be by her side constantly.

  • Aunt Jamie

    I noticed that she still sleeps with Ta-Ta she must really like that doll.

  • Mom

    No, she doesnt really like Ta-ta. She just has to know where he is at all times, carry him everywhere, sleep with him, and yell for him if he is out of her sight. I think you could say she is a little obsessed with the Ta-ta doll at the moment. Thanks!