Still Visiting

By BrandonVisits4 Comments

I guess since we are in the heartland of Sydney fans, we haven’t been posting too many pictures. Grandma said I had to get back to work so here is one.


Sydney doesn’t like to be bothered when Dora is on TV.

  • jennifer crocker

    I think your daughter stole our daughter’s pjs

  • You must shop at K-Mart too!

  • Kim didn’t get my joke. I was trying to infer that we buy at some cheap store. I was told that we bought those at Kohl’s, not K-mart. Geez.

  • a. jaye burke

    sydney: i love you. i like your PJs. i have a pair just like that. i like your dora chair. i like “rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” books, do you? merry christmas!