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Sydney is always seeing her Daddy in the same place, day in and day out, in front of the computer. She thinks her Daddy is a pretty cool guy so this computer thing must be the thing to do. She must check this out she decided. One problem, Daddy will not let her on his computer due the repeated throwing of his mouse onto the floor. Solution, use Mommy’s.

She has discovered that you can go online to and play various games with Dora or Blue. Good for Mommy because I always know where she is. Bad for Mommy because she cannot yet use the mouse herself so Mommy must navigate the site or she gets yelled at. Oh, and she can climb into the chair all by herself. Check out photos of the geek in action.

  • Grandma Carole+Grandpa Herbie

    Sydney, Oh my gosh you look like a teenager already!

  • eburke

    just wait until she gets to be ajaye’s age (3) — we don’t have to do anything anymore. she knows how to search, how to click on the link for jojo’s circus (or whatever), and how to play the games.

    maybe syd and ajaye can geek-out together like their dads do. although they would probably sit around IMing each other about how geeky their dads are…

  • G’ma C

    Girl, I love your hair pulled back with a headband! Grammie is going to dig up some pink sponge curlers and we’re going to play beauty shop over Christmas!

  • Grandpa Herbie

    The “Geek” looks real nice with her hair that way!

    The “My Room” needs some explanation NOW!

  • Mimi Fuller

    Sydney, Glad Tasman deceided to pick out a chair for himself and join the party! See you soon!

    Love, Mimi

  • Aunt Natalee

    Sydney – since you’re becoming a computer whiz, are you going to set up you new sister’s website? I’m ready for the name guessing again.

  • Mimi Fuller


    My fiance did a search on the internet and found out his name was the same as a football player. So I thought I would see if my name came up with something. from reading this website, I would much rather be associated with you lot than a football player. Keep things jolly guys.

    All the best

    Mimi Fuller (in England)