My Room

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Thought we would share more pictures of Sydney in her new hangout. We opened a few more Christmas presents early so things are filling up. Hopefully, we can get the room painted after Christmas.

Time for another tea party! I am sick of tea parties already. We are trying to fill the chairs with animals. Hopefully, it works. Thanks for Grandma and Grandpa Fuller, Natalee and MiMi for the table and chairs.


Before the party, lots of preparation goes on in the kitchen. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Hakes, we now have hot food and a talking stove!


After dinner, it is time to take care of the baby. Kim got Sydney this set. I think she is trying to train Sydney how to take care of a baby. Sydney is pretty good. She washes the baby, puts powder on her, and puts her to bed. You just have to ignore the fact that she drops the baby on her head now and then I guess.


We can’t have all this girly stuff — need something more manly for my girl. So I opted for the train set. However, I am getting very frustrated trying to build cool paths. Then when I leave and come back, some magic force has removed all the tracks. Hmmm.


Well, that is a quick tour around the play room…I mean, soon to be bedroom. Notice Tasman filling in at the tea party.


One question: Where will the bed go?

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney, Ask Daddy if he could suspend the bed from the ceiling something like his college dorm room. A ladder might be a fun way to get into bed!

    Loved the picture of Tazman too…always wants to be in on the action.

  • Grandpa Herbie

    Syd, have your DAD line the walls with shelves.

    Then when you go to the store make a big fuss at the checkout lane until HE buys you something to put on your shelves.

    PS: His favorite store was K-Mart!

    Favorite toy was Tonka Trucks!

    Oh, what a memory us OLD FOLKS have.

  • todd Weber

    Hey Mom & Dad – would you please adopt me… I’d REALLY like a Mac Dual G5 2.5 GHz with a 30″ Cinema Display for Xmas…

  • We have not posted this yet, but this kid is a computer addict. She goes up and gets on Mom’s desk and wants to play Dora the Explorer all the time online.