What Goes On In Mexico…

By BrandonAdventures4 Comments

Sydney slept in until about 9 AM and then popped up out of her crib…Mama? I think she likes sleeping in the same room with us. We opened the curtains and revealed the balcony to Sydney. She spent the next hour yelling at people 3 floors below. Oh, and dropping stuff through the rails. We quickly put all our valuables up on top of the TV.


Our neighbors from Colorado are opening up an online kid’s swimwear company called Brazil Beach Kids. Sydney was a model for them so she got to keep some of the suits. Here is her sexy Brazilian bikini. For the first 15 minutes, she kept pulling the top up exposing her nipples to everyone. Don’t worry, I, her father, have a dozen years to get this corrected before it becomes a problem.


The pool has tons of ledges on it so Sydney gets to walk all around. They have a nice one foot deep sectioned off for kids also. Later, we headed down to the beach to hang out in the ocean for a while. We had a good time riding in the waves.


After beach time, we put Sydney in the stroller and walked to the shops to eat. Sydney was asleep before we got out of the hotel. Sun, sand and surf is hard work I guess.

  • G’ma C

    Love the new bikini! Just wait until you get rid of that diaper. Oh … Papa says to stay off the balcony!

  • Uncle Kevin

    Hello Kim, Brandon, and Sydney, I do not think it is safe for Sydney to be by the balcony rail. She could get her head caught in the rails or climb over and fall. On a positive note, Sydney is a very cute and adorrable little girl keep posting the pictures.

  • I told her to stay off the balcony and go and play in the street. Thanks.


    Hate to break this to you Brandon. But the Knox ladies develop a little earlier. You have only about 9 1/2 years to get that lesson down. Very cute suit. The pictures popped up for me. Mom is looking gorgeous too, and very happy. Grandma Hakes