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We took Sydney with us to eat hibachi for the first time tonight. Normally, we opt for the babysitter because these meals always clock at about 90 minutes. But never fear — the excitement of all the people, the chef banging around all those tools, the flying food, and a little umbrella in her drink kept Sydney busy the whole time.

2004-11-05 -- Mmmm
2004-11-05 -- Mmmm
  • Mom

    Dad forgot to add that Sydney applauded and screamed “Wow” the whole time for our chef. He said she was the most enthusiastic customer he has ever gotten. What a good girl she was.

  • CJ

    Hey Syd,

    You sure look cute in your lion costume! I was scared of the kids that came to my house for trick or treat too. We didn’t go, since I can’t walk yet. Man, you get to have all the fun. I wish I went with you to Boo at the Zoo…I was too sick. This pooping in the bathtub sounds like a good idea…no cold wipes on your butt! My favorite trick in that area is when my mom or dad take my diaper off, I immediately grab my wee-wee and I get really mad when they pry my hands off it and cover it up! You should try that too.