Orange in October

By BrandonVisits5 Comments

Summer must be over. Temperatures are dropping. Pumpkins are coming out. Grandma wants pictures.

  • Amy

    Syd, I love your fall outfit, did Grandma Carole knit the pancho and matching headband for you? If not I bet she could you just tell her what color you want! Amy

  • Stephanee

    Wow Sydney!! Daddy better chase off the boys in the neighborhood. You look very grown up in your new outfit.

  • G’ma C

    Love the pictures! G’ma and G’pa Fuller … can you sneak Syd home with you?

    G’ma Coburn

  • betty scott

    Sydney is such a little doll baby, she certainly is becoming quite the little traveler for her 18months. But you know that Grandma’s may not be able to participate in every activity. Our son Matthew’s grandma, being somewhat older than most grandma’s felt she was too old to play hide and seek with him. She said,”Matthew, Grandma’s thinking of a place where she’s hiding and you have to guess where that is!” So pretending to be on an ATV is a great idea too! Betty

  • Cindy Wolf

    What great looking girls. The outfit is beautiful. Grandma doesn’t look too proud 🙂