Gym Rat

By BrandonA Day in the Life5 Comments

Ok, enough with the death threats. I have a day job. I can’t sit around and blog about Sydney all the time!

Sydney is starting to really get into this gymnastics thing. Today, she was ready to go bright and early. Oddly, she didn’t poop when we got there — her diaper is always full at the start of class.

Lots of climbing on mats and ramps today. Syd is every proud of climbing this. She constantly makes noises as if she was lifting something terribly heavy during the climb.


We tried the rope swing today. 2 big boxes with a rope swing in between. Man, that is cool. You sit on the knot and swing to the other side.


This trampoline ramp was a hit also. You can run up it and bounce back down. Nobody wanted to take turns.

  • Mom

    Wow, Daddy! Looks like you are becoming quite the gymnastics Mom. I think we may keep you on this job even after I start feeling better. Great Daddy – daughter time.

  • Amy

    She looks so cute but did you have to put her in THAT outfit?!

  • Aunt Natalee

    Yes, Amy and wait until you see the final piece, which Sydney will be getting soon!

  • Amy

    Couldn’t you have found a nice Raiders outfit? She would look so cute in black!

  • Natalee bought it for her. She also got lots of people at the gym making jokes about her. Everybody wishes they could be a Boilermaker.