Touch Your Nose

By BrandonA Day in the Life5 Comments

Mom plays “Touch Your” with Sydney…touch your eyes, touch your ears, touch your nose. Well, for some reason, touch your nose seems to mean stick your finger up your nose. Carole & Natalee, she did not learn this from her father!

  • G’ma C

    Alright, Grandma Carole got the video of Syd for her birthday. So, I want this picture as the cover of my card and the sentiment … “I’m picking this one just for you!”

  • eburke

    why would anyone think she learned this from her father? why do you feel the need to pre-empt any accusations by publicly denying it? it all sounds fishy.

  • CJ

    Hey Syd, we’re going to Las Vegas…save a nice boog for me! I’ll miss you.

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney, don’t feel bad that your Daddy has announced to the world your new exploratory skill.

    I am sure that by SECOND grade that you will have moved on and your parents(BHF especially) won’t receive a letter from your teacher asking that they send a box of tissues with you to class….I still have the letter from Mrs.Brinkley.

  • Mrs. Brinkley was an evil bitch that had it out for me.