Thirsty, Anyone?

By BrandonA Day in the Life4 Comments

Hiking around the yard is tough work! So I had to get Sydney her very own kid-sized Camelbak. Now, she has water with her all the time. This may keep her out of the dog’s water bowl. She has a lot of fun when I take the tip off the hose and water sprays everywhere. If you come nearby, she will offer you a drink — even if you are dog. How nice.

  • Grandpa Herbie

    Be careful, she just might fill it up from the dog’s water bowl.

  • G’ma C

    Wow, Syd, how times have changed. When your Mommy and Daddy were little they had to wait until they got inside the house to drink from something we called a “GLASS.”


  • eburke

    thank god dad fixed that flower box in the front. it was looking pretty shoddy. whoever helped him set that up the first time really did a poor job. 😀

  • Yep, I fired that assistant. He was too muscular.