• Grandpa C

    Sydeny… hey… guess what… Grandpa broke his foot Friday. Ryan, Grandma, and I were crossing the street in downtown Sarasota to get to a restaurant when I stumbled and “krelled” my right foot.

    I should have just fallen down but, instead, I tried to catch myself…. the result is a broken and displaced foot. Grandma says a dump truck just missed me.

    We could not get a doctor to come to the hospital on a Friday afternoon to see me so I am getting by until Monday. Guess I won’t be jumping off the fireplace ledge for about eight weeks.

    Uncle Ben and Ben Joseph are here so they are carrying me down the steps so we can get to the Cracker Barrel.

    Grandpa should know what the next few weeks will be like by Monday afternoon….Love Grandpa C.

  • Grandma Hakes

    A PICKLE ON THE FACE!!!! Yes, Grandpa and Grandma Hakes have had days like that too. Sometimes we call them a gloomy day, a cloudy day, or even a bad hair day — but darlin’ they do come and go. Tomorrow is always brighter! Love Grandpa and Grandma…….