Roll Call

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Lately, we have been hearing how a friend of a friend of a friend visits this web site for updates on Sydney. That is great…but here is the deal: we want to hear back from you! Notice the little comment link after each entry — you realize that you are supposed to click on that and type something? Well, you are!

Sydney has had a lot of vistors over the last year. The web site statistics show it. Here a few interesting stats:

  • Nearly 10,000 distinct computers have visited this site.
  • 1% of the visitors to this site are from Japan.
  • The most frequent word used in search engines to find the site: belly
  • The most popular entry is this one.

Lately, we are nearly down to only the grandparents commenting. Folks, the grandparents are old and barely know how to use a computer. They are now grandparents, for god sakes.

So let Sydney hear from you! Leave a note. If we don’t know you, tell us who you are and where you live. Its like “Six Degrees of Sydney”.

  • Diane

    I found this website by a fluke one day while looking for a different website and having been visiting it every so often since Sydney was about 2 months old. I’m from Georgia. i just wanted to take this opportunity to say that you have a beautiful baby girl! She is so precious!

    Love xxx Diane

  • Thanks! Appreciate the comment

  • Anna

    I stumbled across this site when I was babysitting for a little girl, also named Sydney Fuller in Orlando, FL. She decided to “google” herself and this site was the first one to come up!

    She thought it was great to find someone else with the same name, so whenever I babysit we will occasionally check out your website. You have an adorable little girl and we both enjoy reading about what she’s been up to! Hope you don’t mind!

    Anna and the other Sydney

  • Jennifer Delp

    hi sydney 🙂

  • Jennifer Delp

    i found this site when i was on google. i randomly picked some words. so i picked shh baby is sleeping, and i clicked on the image with kim and umm…i think grandma hakes, and sydney out ion the back porch on mother’s day whan she was a newborn. i have been chacking back at least every two days for updates ever since! love your site. 🙂

  • Jamie

    i found this site doing a google image search for play-doh. since maybe someday I’ll have a baby (though with my luck probably not) i am especially interested/drawn to all things baby/child/parenting, and i think you guys have done an amazing thing charting her entire life like this, i’d imagine i would probably do something very similar for my own children, what a nice way to keep all those memories together.

  • Jamie

    Hey, I found this site during a google image search for ‘hot coals’ (as in ‘walking across’, not ‘barbecue’) and it came up with Christian and the lava rocks. I was just going to close the page but I was awwed by the adorable cutie in the picture on your July 31, 2004 entry and decided to leaf through a few entries.