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After an abnormally rainy June (which we needed to help the drought), its now officially hot in Colorado. If you haven’t been to Colorado in the summer, then you haven’t felt hot before. The sun is very piercing due to the altitude. I think Grandpa Herbie even got burnt when he visited.


Therefore, it is only appropriate to chill out in the pool!


Ah, relaxing with my (ok, Dad’s) favorite beverage in the pool.

  • G’ma C

    Princess Poop…Your throne looks refreshing. You need to train Daddy to trickle water over you while he drinks his Dew.

    P.S. Cousin Ryan is in “training” while he is in Florida. Grammie is dragging him out shopping. He doesn’t complain much anymore, but he just doesn’t share the same excitement when we find a gorgeous pair of shoes. Oh, yeah, don’t let your Daddy read this. Ryan said it would embarass him!