The Gymnast

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

We rode our bikes downtown today and went to the Rythm on the River. Its a local 1-day festival. They had lots of local vendors there demonstrating their services. Sydney particularly enjoyed the gymnastics area. She didn’t quite get what she was supposed to do in terms of waiting in line. She just ran all over the mats and rolled around. Needless to say, Mom is going to put Syd in classes right away! Its too fun. Dad might not be going along. He still is scarred from all the years he had to go and watch Aunt Natalee do gymnastics after school.

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney..are you signing up for classes? You look like you are really having fun learning new skills.

  • Of course! Mom has all kinds of new activities in store. This one is a former “Natalee” sport that will start later in the summer. But next week starts the former “Brandon” sport. Curious?