My Day in Monterey

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Since the zoo went so well, we decided that Sydney was ready for more animals. We haven’t been back to Monterey since we moved out of California. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is probably the best aquarium I have ever been to. Over the last few years, they had been adding on and we hadn’t been back to see the improvements yet.


To get started, Sydney played in the kid’s Splash Zone. Notice the protective bib as she works with the fishy.


Next, it was off to the “feel the ocean stuff” section. Sydney was very excited about kelp. There were other real live animals crawling around but kelp was the attraction. She wasn’t even interested in petting the Manta Rays.


So we headed over to the big kelp forest tank. Its 2 stories high!


There was a nice rock in front of the penguin tank that we put Syd on. This put her right at eye level to watch the penguins swim around. She was kind of freaked out as they would go above and below the water line. One penguin really liked watching her and he kept swimming up and pushing his chest on the glass.


After the aquarium, we headed down the beach for a stroll. Sydney played on the beach for quite a while. Ok, Maui and Siesta Key were nice but they don’t have…KELP! Monterey’s beach has lots of washed up kelp to keep Sydney busy. She carried one special piece around the whole time while playing with others. She could drop the special piece in a pile, leave it, see parents, walk around and then return and pick it back up out of the pile. She was not so keen on the water once the waves rushed up and she realized why nobody swims in Northern California.

  • G’ma & G’pa C

    Hey, you little beach bunny…looks like you had a great day. Next thing you know, Mommy and Daddy are going to have you scuba diving. Come back to Siesta–the Gulf of Mexico temperature is mid-80’s.

    Grammie & Papa

  • Aunt Natalee

    Sydney – I know Lake Wawasee isn’t quite Monteray Bay, but we do have seaweed… and maybe a turtle for you to add to your “zoo” back in Colorado. See you soon!

  • remil

    your discruption and photos have raised my spirit to visit monterey