AJaye, Sid Vicious and the Zoo

By BrandonAdventures4 Comments

The Burkes are in town visiting and this time they brought their daughter, AJaye. AJaye hasn’t been quite sure about Sydney since she arrived at our house. “Why is this little person following me around everywhere?” Sydney remains enthralled by any older kids.


Eric began calling Sydney Sid Vicious as the weekend went on. Vicious? Proof of that here when we arrived at the zoo and we put AJaye and Sydney in the Jeep together. AJaye wasn’t happy and Vicious loved every minute of it.


The first big animal cage we walked up to was the elephant. Sydney just stared at him for a few seconds and then suddenly burst out into screams. Screaming and pointing. These were not screams of fear. Oh, no — they were screams of excitement! Every large animal she saw that moved around a bit was greeted this way.


The tigers were being very playful since it was nice and cool outside.


Sydney recognized cats because she has a few and she got up out of her chair to tell them off. Ti-Ti would have been proud.


As the final activity of the day, we all took a quick train ride.

  • Aunt Natalee

    Sydney, did your Daddy dress you this morning?

  • CJ

    Hi Syd, well, I was depressed after the Warshington post when there weren’t any new pretty pictures of you to look at for a while. But now I see you again and especially in the outfit I picked out for you, and the feelings are all coming back…I give kisses now (sloppy is the only kind on the menu) maybe I’ll give you one Sunday!

  • Syd

    Yummy, can’t wait. I am already puckering up for a wet one. I also love to kiss and hug all the time. Hope your balance is good. My hugs often have a running start.

  • ajaye burke

    im soory i will mis you grama and grapa