Barney Backpack

By BrandonA Day in the Life4 Comments

Grandma Fuller pulled out the final Birthday present today: a Barney Backpack. Cousin Cindy Kascor (Fuller) got a hold of this for Grandma. Turns out that Cousin Kirby is a huge Barney fan as well.

  • Cindy

    Hey! another Barney junkie in the family. Hey I have Barney everything would like to pass on, but I don’t think my little one will be growning out of soon. (ha ha) Hey! to let you know there is a women on Ebay that makes little travel Barney pillows we got one there neat. She’s a cutie!

  • Danielle

    My son is a barney junkie just wondering if you could tell me where you got the barney backpack? It is so cute. Thanks

  • Got as a gift. But I believe it was from a theme park. Universal, maybe?

  • patty

    I love barney even when I’m 16 years old and will be 17 in two months I have loved barney since I was 4 or 5 I use to watch all the shows of barney when I was little but now the only thing I have of barney is a pillow case and I really hope I find more stuff like a lunch box or a stuff animal of barney or a bag pack and I hope that someday barney become big again on tv.