Just Chillin

By SydneyA Day in the Life3 Comments

Ahh, nothing like chillin on the couch with your best friends. You see I was just reunited today with my best bunny friends after a near fatal accident. Mommy rescued the bunnies from a near drowning yesterday in my toilet. Mommy swears I know how they got there but I promise I have no knowledge of this incident. I look innocent, right?

  • Grandpa Herb

    I’ll bet Syd was just copying what she has seen her mother do! She has watched her mom throw stuff in the taller swirly (washing machine), so she was just trying to be like Mommy. Anyway, thats her story and she’s “sticking-to-it”.

  • Aunt Jamie

    Syd, I know you weren’t involved in anyway you are too sweet and innocent to do anything like that.

  • Jenny Delp

    she looks to innocent. it must have been dakota or wyatt or one of the cats!