I Love You, You Love Me…

By KimA Day in the Life5 Comments

OK, OK, Grandmas. We hear you are going through Sydney withdrawals so here are some new photos. Not much new is going on right now so here are some pics with her best friend, Barney. Syd found Barney at the toy store and was not gonna let Mommy leave there without him. She walks around holding him all day long while he sings one of three songs. Just ask the Coburn’s about their experience with Barney in Florida. I think they still catch themselves singing Barney songs around the house.


Here are some extra photos of Syd being a little goofy. She is quite the little ham ain’t she.

  • Amy

    Thanks for the updated pictures, they are great. I happen to have a Barney cake pan with directions on how to decorate it if you ever want to give it a try. It is really easy!

  • G’ma & G’pa C

    Syd, what’s up with the expressions? Are you trying to sing along with Barney or are you mad because he only knows three songs? Please and Thank You is the best! We love the pictures.

  • Grandma+Grandpa Fuller

    Sydney, we can hardly wait to see you next month. Hope you are bringing Barney along too. Did you know that this is your second cousin, Kirbys favorite character too? Keep the photos coming Mom


  • Mom

    Thanks for the cake pan offer but I think I will leave that up to a bakery to do this year. Too many people and too little time to bake for.

  • Aunt Steph

    We looked at Toys R Us for a barney for Christian. None to be found. He’s really cool though isn’t he Sydney.