NASCAR Prodigy

By BrandonA Day in the Life4 Comments

Next month, Sydney will be going with the Fullers to her first NASCAR event! To prepare, she has been getting her own car ready to run with the pros. Watch Sydney do a few warm-up laps! She said the car was a little loose off the center but that’s nothing for crew chief Herbie. A few spring rubbers and a wedge adjustment will fix that right up. But nobody else has music in their car!

  • Amy

    Syd, I’m glad to see that they didn’t dress you up in a little 24 outfit!! Have a great time at the race, is a concert far behind?

  • Aunt Natalee

    Sydney, you better hurry up and pick a driver before you go to Richmond. It’s a NASCAR rule, you must have a driver. And once you pick him, I’m sure Carole will buy you socks.

    If you want to be cool, you should pick #12.

  • Grandma+Grandpa Fuller

    I think we need to go down a few pounds on the tires(they sound hard on that track) and a turn on the track bar probably wouldn’t hurt either!!!!

    Nascar Rule 24 Section 64 Paragraph 4 states ” The owner of any animals found wandering on the track during warm-up laps will be banned from assisting the pit crew at the following race”.

  • Grandma+Grandpa Fuller

    Grandma noticed that her favorite driver (Her Granddaughter) was not wearing the “Hans Device”.

    This is a serious infraction on the drivers managers.