This is the Life

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According to Sydney…another day at the beach! Dad took Sydney out into the Gulf today. She laughed everytime a wave came in. Anyone going to a beach can be sure that Sydney is willing to go!


A while later, we ran into some familiar faces that were said to be world-class skimboarders.


Christian likes the beach too. He walked Dave up and down the beach until Dave was about to pass out.


Another gratuitous plug for our hosts.

  • G’ma C

    Alright, I need to officially go on record and state that Brandon has completely redeemed himself. Tonight after supper this boy got up from the table and did the dishes–not just his, but everyone’s. He even wiped the table and cleaned out the sink. I LOVE HIM. I WANT TWO OF HIM.

    G’ma C

  • Quiet! I always throw water all over the place at my Mom’s house so she tells me to get out of her kitchen.

  • Grandma Hakes

    Brandon — Laura got on your website last night for the first time, she has two weeks of AOL Ruth, Jessie and Laura loved seeing all the pictures. She thinks Syd looks like her Mom. Do you have any pictures of Eddie & Ryan? Wondered how they were doing. Everybody looks like they’re enjoying the ocean — can’t believe Syd isn’t afraid anymore. Please don’t take off the dancing movie – I need to get to Herb and Carole’s to see it. Thank you for the pictures – sorry you are without sleep. Ben sold his house yesterday and has a very interesting story to tell – involving near death and his mother worried out of her wits. Love Grandma Hakes