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Well, Mom wasn’t feeling too well lately. So before we headed out on our trip to see the Coburns this weekend, she thought she should take a test. The symptoms seemed familiar. She had seen them before. So, we watched in anticipation as the stick showed that Kim is pregnant! This was a total surprise.


We figured everyone checks out Syd’s web site daily so this would be the quickest way to share the news of baby #2!

  • G’ma C

    Lord have mercy! We are so excited and happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    G’ma and G’pa C

  • Amy

    Congratulations!! Or is this an April fools joke?

  • Amy

    Carole is convinced that this is a joke, are you that warped?

  • G’ma C

    Carole, if this is a joke, we promise to be gentle with Brandon this weekend. Aunt Alta will also be here, so I know he doesn’t stand a chance.


  • Grandpa Herb

    OK, are we going to have a baby naming contest this time? If so, I’ll enter the first guess.

    Girl-Yvonne Sydney Fuller

    Boy- Scott Yancy Fuller

  • Carole

    Mary, you have my permission and don’t be gentle.

    He has crossed the line! Punishment is due. He forgets that he is messing with an awful lot of babysitters!


  • Man, talk about hook, line and sinker. We received about 5 phone calls on this post — 2 of which were literally within 15 minutes of posting the picture! Now, I know what some of you do all day.

    All you had to do was use your memory a bit or browse the photo archive and you would have run across this very familiar picture back from August of 2002:

    Good night, suckers!

  • Amy

    There is no redemption, you are going to hell!!!

  • G’ma C

    Brandon, you’re demented. An April Fool’s joke is chocolate covered garlic, or a message to call Mr. Lyon with the zoo’s telephone number. All I can say is “come to Momma”, ’cause I’m waiting for you.


  • That’s far too tame. You have to go a bit further to fool people and make them feel it.

    Check out the top 100 hoaxes of all time:

  • Erin

    Brandon, you REDEFINE warped!!!

    I would have believed it since there had to be a @#$&%*$* good reason why Kim didn’t go to the Metallica concert!

  • eburke

    hilarious, dude. although you need to give the grandmas a heads-up when you do these things. i think you can get changed with felony murder if anything were to “happen” to them when they find out it’s a hoax.

    confidential to herb: yvonne sydney? c’mon, be a LITTLE bit original!

  • Erin, Kim didn’t go to the concert because she is getting too old. She is 30 now and “is getting too old”. I don’t comprehend the response.

  • eburke, the funny thing is that they keep talking about it and trying to tell me how they weren’t fooled. Right. Grandpa Coburn said that Grandma came running out and screaming “Oh my god” when she read it. Man, I have to really think to out do this one next year. Hmmm…

  • Becky White

    Ok, the real suckers here are the ones like me who only look at the site about once a week and don’t particularly pay much attention to the date. Just so you know, I had a total heart attack on both of your behalves until I read these other comments and realized what the heck was going on…it’s like my worst nightmare…but, this is a classic…:)

  • Ha! They wanted me to take the post down after April Fools was over but I figured we could continue to fool people for weeks to come. Thanks for letting us know.