It’s Gardening Time!

By KimA Day in the Life8 Comments

Today I decided it was time to start Syd on her portion of the gardening around here. You all know how much I love to garden so Syd is going to have to get started early. Here are a few pics of her with my spring bulbs. Aren’t they beautiful. Oh, Syd looks great too. Here is Syd admiring my hyacinths…


Here is a shot of Syd with the Daffodils. At this point she was not being much of a help as she was taking the mulch out of the beds and either throwing it on the sidewalk or eating it.


Then all of a sudden as we were minding our own business the Easter Bunny showed up and egged our trees. As you can see I caught the guilty party in the act.


Syd is turning into quite a little daredevil. She is starting to climb up onto things as the walking is now old news for her. Here are some action shots as she conquers the great flagstone wall. Notice all the dead grass on her rear end. We have Grandpa Herbie to thank for this mess 🙂


Lastly, here is a pic of Syd’s new shoes. These shoes are absolutely awesome for new walkers. Syd would not walk in any shoes so her socks were looking nasty and people were giving us weird looks as she walked around restaurants or wherever. These shoes, called Bobux, are made from soft leather and wear very much like socks so they are snug to her foot. They are so soft that they do not hinder her walking at all. For anyone out there getting ready to have a walker, I recommend these shoes as a must buy. We need to thank AJaye for this shoe idea.

  • Grandpa Herbie

    I know you might think that the Zoysia Grass is a pain, but it really has a built-in safety feature.

    Because you see, if Syd would wander away from your sight and get lost anybody would be able to recognize where she lived by the grass on her clothing.

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney, we simply love your new shoes! Glad to see you like them and they seem helpful when climbing. Your Mother is a wonderful gardener and has a good eye for Spring colors. The flowers look beautiful and so do you in your sunhat! That rabbit looks familiar to me..hmmm…

  • G’ma C

    Oh, my gosh, Syd…you are gorgeous. With those red pants and the purple hat, I know a club of old women who would love to mentor you. As for Mommy, you outdid yourself. These pictures are priceless.


    G’ma & G’pa

  • Mom

    Yeah, I know the hat and shoes don’t quite match the outfit but they are the only ones I could find around the house. The other hats are probably in her diaper bag, car, laundry, or wherever else she carried them off to. She likes to carry her things around the house so its everywhere.

  • Amy

    Sydney, I am glad to see that you are learning to like shoes! Remember the more shoes the better!! Amy

  • G’ma C

    Syd, when we read Grandpa Herbie’s comment, it reminded us of a story he told about your Great Grandpa Fuller and a can of blue spray paint. Put your books away and have Grandpa Herbie tell you some bedside stories!

    G’ma & G’pa C

  • Mini

    Hi there! Congrats on #2! Now it gets really fun and interesting – trust me, I’m speaking from experience. Having 2 little ones around makes life a whole lot harder! Hope you feel better this time around. There’s another brand of shoes that are very similar – check out their site at I told you about those when you visited here since Sydney was getting ready to walk soon, but I guess you forgot. Take care!

  • I was “Googling” daffodil images and look what I found! What a cutey. Best in the New Year to a darling little girl and her lucky family.