The Humpty Dance

By BrandonA Day in the Life5 Comments

Sydney has a new dance that she wants you all to learn. We call it the Humpty Dance because that seems to be one of the songs that inspires the moves. The basic move is a bounce up and down with occasional scream and some hand waving. Its going to be all the rage I hear. Take a look at the diva in action!

  • Natalee

    That’s my girl!! I’ll teach you some more moves next time I see you!

    Kim, becareful… Brandon will start playing “Do me” when your not around. You don’t want her dancing to that! Grandpa Herb can teach her how to dance to “Poison”

  • G’ma Coburn

    Syd, does this mean that Daddy will be taking you to those “Biskuts and Kornbread” concerts he drags your Mommy to? G’pa is really worried.


    G’ma & G’pa C

  • Amy

    Rock on Syd! You go girl! (Dad, thanks for the Real Player 9 link)

  • Erin

    The video clip is waaaaay tooooooo COOOOL!!!!!!

    I can’t wait until I can post one on MY blog. (I just wish I had the time to do it!!!)

  • Heather

    So cute! I love it! What an adorable little girl you have 🙂