I Am The Stairmaster

By BrandonMilestones3 Comments

Sydney has a new trick to show you all. Being the adventurous lady that she is, she decided to start following the dogs up the stairs. We were nervous until she proved that she could go both ways. Watch the Stairmaster in action!

  • Natalee

    Sydney – That’s quite an innovative way to get down the stairs! I’ll send you some knee pads so you don’t get any carpet burns!

  • G’ma Coburn

    Syd, you are so gifted! The average child would have turned around and fallen. Just wait until you start sliding down the bannister. You have your Daddy’s adventurous streak.

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney, we are glad to see you are mastering the staircase. We just didn’t think it would be this soooon! Will you be doing everything before your first birthday?