I Already Have a Boyfriend

By BrandonA Day in the Life5 Comments

Kids always seem to look for other kids. Sydney saw this boy at dinner last night at a nearby table. He walked over to check him out. So we put Sydney down and she stood there and looked back at him. Everyone was surprised since she is only 10 months old and walking.

2004-03-14 -- I Already Have a Boyfriend
  • Grandma and Grandpa Fuller

    Sydney, ok who is he? Some college kid from Boulder?

  • Natalee

    As long as you get his first name and where he works, it’s ok to date him. Right Carole? Examples: Charles Ring-finger. State Farm Chris.

  • Mom

    His name was Dillan and he was from a well-to-do family from Westminister. He was very upfront, kissing her right on the nose several times. Syd liked it so much she was following him around the room and very impressed with his walking skills. Oh and yes, he was an older man, 13 months old!!!

  • eburke

    just wait until syd brings home her first biker dude named “snake”. i think dad and i should take some “how to intimidate your daughter’s boyfriend” courses. grandpa herb, any suggestions here?

  • Grandpa Herb

    Yeah,the 1st.time, Don’t even acknowledge him, just make “eye-contact” and move on.

    The 2nd. time ask them about 10 radom questions “twice”.

    The 3rd. time start every statement with ” When I was your age”.

    If, there is a 4th. time, the “dude” will listen to every word you say and heed those words.