King of the World

By BrandonAdventures2 Comments

We took Sydney on a dinner cruise with the whale foundation here. Figured if we were going to see some whales, these would be the folks to show us.


Sydney was getting a buzz off of all the pineapple and guava juice she was drinking. At one point she demanded to be put down near the front of the boat. She stood against the rail and did her Titanic “King of the World” impression.

  • Mom

    What a great travel partner!!! Whoever said you cannot travel with kids is crazy. Sydney was so fun and happy this entire trip. As you can see from this picture she had a blast in Hawaii. Where will we go next?

  • Grandma Carole

    Loved this picture of you Sydney standing in the front of the whaling boat. Glad nobody took my picture…I don’t look good “GREEN”.

    Miss you!