How I Lost My Finger

By BrandonA Day in the Life6 Comments

Sydney’s new toy is the paper shredder. She reaches in and pulls out all the shreds and either eats them or spreads them around the room.


Here is the “I am not guilty” crawl away…

  • Mom

    Dad forgot to add the very important fact that the paper shredder is turned off. No, Syd will not lose any fingers to the shredder.

  • Grandma Carole

    Thanks Kim…. as I was just about to call your house when I saw this posting!

  • Are you all questioning my parental skills? Sydney plays with danger all the time. What else do you expect from a future skiing 4WD race car chick?

  • Grandma Carole

    No, not questioning your parental skills just your daughter’s motor skill level! Unplugg the darn thing!

  • Get your kid away from the papper shredder! Are you crazy? Read this:

  • Gillian Cranston


    I put the phrase “am i guilty?” (without the quote marks) into google ( at the suggestion of another website (which said ask google images random questions and see what funny stuff comes up). Anyway, your daughter’s photo (crawling away from the shredder) comes up as the number one hit – which I found really funny as I have a son around the same age, and believe me, he’s guilty too!

    Best wishes,

    Gillian Cranston