Lots of Toys

By BrandonA Day in the Life4 Comments

Well, Sydney made out well over Christmas. She has plenty of toys that she moves between all day long to keep her busy — and to keep Mom from going insane. This particular contraption was from Grandma and Grandpa Fuller. It plays music and has these shoots for balls to roll through. The dogs enjoy watching it just as much as Sydney does!

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney, Grandpa Herbie said if that toy isn’t big enough just let us know and we will get a bigger one!

  • Mom

    Don’t worry, this picture is deceiving. The toy is not as big as this picture makes it look. We can still move around the house a little 🙂

  • Grandpa Herbie

    I just read where Peg Parago might have an H2 Electric available Fall 2004. So we might need some GARAGE SPACE too.

  • Gotta have one of those…oh, wait, she can just drive mine. No, wait, the Fuller woman can’t seem to keep big trucks on the road. Never mind. Get 2 — one for Sydney and one for her Mom.