Spoiled? Yeah, Rotten

By BrandonA Day in the Life6 Comments

We were shopping tonight and it turns out that FAO Schwartz is closing their store here so everything in the store was 50% off. That means that things were priced at “normal” prices now. They had a zoo of safari animals that were near life-size and made for kids to sit on. Kim designed Sydney’s nursery as a jungle/safari room and today we found the missing link. Say hello to our new pet tiger and Sydney’s new best friend. Don’t think he will fit in the overhead bin on the plane ride home. :O

  • Grandpa Herb

    WOW! Syd really looks thrilled.

  • Oh c’mon on…so the girl has one picture that she doesn’t smile in and you give me crap.

    Better yet, the guy who notices this first is the guy that never smiles in any pictures! 🙂 How about that Carole?

  • Grandma Carole

    B+K…good crack on Grandpa about the smile. This was the same look we got from Sydney when she sat on the hobby horse. Tooooooo cute! Happy New Year!

  • Grandpa Herb

    Ok, you got me on that smile thing!

    Let me rephase my 1st. comment.

    Can anybody guess which girl in the picture is the happiest about this new addition to the “Denver Fuller Family of Animals”.

  • The tiger was actually a Dad thing. How many kids have a tiger that you can ride on? Not many.

  • And its still not here yet…I called today and they had it sitting there in the box yet to be shipped. We need our tiger. We found out yesterday that the household animal limit in Weld County, where we live, is 8 pets. How low is that? 🙂