My First Date

By BrandonA Day in the Life5 Comments

Today was a busy day. Sydney went to the hair salon and had her first haircut. She had to get all made up for her big date tonight. We saved the hair — I guess that is something parents are supposed to do. She now has the most beautiful bowl haircut. How do you style a baby’s hair anyway?

Our friends, Chad & Becky White, had Baby CJ about 2 months ago. We tracked each other through the pregancies. So today was the big baby meet-up. Actually, for the first time I have ever seen, these babies were actually very curious about each other.


Later Sydney decided to be forward and she started making out with CJ.

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney, just one question.. who taught you the tongue in the ear trick. I bet it was Natalee wasn’t it?

  • Grandpa Herbie

    Kissing No ! Syd is telling CJ that for the next couple of days if he sees bright spots in front of his eyes not to worry, its those darn flashes from my DAD’S camera. I have been seeing those spots since I was about 2 hours old and pretty soon you will get use to them, I THINK!

  • Aunt Natalee

    Us Fuller women like to be the ones in charge of the relationship. Way to go Sydney!! I’ll teach you more at Christmas.

  • Becky White

    CJ really wanted to participate but, alas, he does not know what those things on the ends of his arms are for yet. I guess that’s what you get for going for a younger man Syd…

  • cami

    that is so cute sydney you look like my sister doing that to my cousin