• Grandpa Herbie

    Whats with the EARS in the middle picture? I used to think that Syd favored Kim in looks; but, after seeing that picture I am leaning towards her DAD.

  • Aunt Jamie


    You look so cute, you are growing up to fast. I can’t wait to see you at christmas.

  • Grandma Hakes

    Aaaaaaaaahhh!!!! You scared Grandma!

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney, Happy Halloween! Bet you will enjoy seeing all the kids come to your house tonight.

    Ask your Dad about the night that some big kids stole all the candy that he had collected with his friend David. Aunt Natalee came to the rescue!

  • Yeah, yeah….they are lucky I couldn’t find them with my screwdriver.

  • CAMI

    sydney is so cute she has pretty facial expressions as an baby i have an 1 year old sister and an 1 year old cousin there is a big gap between my sister and i. i am 14 adn she is only one