Farmer Jane

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

Let me explain how we got to this name and the picture. Today, we went to the mall because Mom and Dad needed some things. Sydney was good until Dad was buying pants and we noticed an odor. Sydney had an accident in her diaper that jumped the fence and went onto the rest of her clothes. Now normally, we do carry the backup clothes but for some reason not today. So Sydney became the hillbilly with no shirt on with overalls. It was 85 out so she wasn’t cold. Sydney’s favorite toy/book right now is the Jungle Jane book from cousin Polly. So we started calling her Jane instead of Sydney the Hillbilly. When we got back home, Sydney loves to sit all by herself in the front yard and play with the grass. So here is Farmer Jane in her field of zoysia.

  • Grandma Carole

    Sydney, Grandpa and I are thrilled to see you playing in the grass just like your Dad use to do here in Ft.Wayne. One reminder from Grandpa, “Please don’t pull any out!!!!

  • Mom

    Too late on Grandpa’s request. Whatever she can grab off goes right in the mouth…grass, leaves off the tree, Mom and Dad’d hair…etc

  • Grandpa Hakes

    our own hoosier hillbilly