Hey, That’s Our Kid

By BrandonVisits3 Comments

The Burkes were visiting and of course they knew all the tricks to keep Sydney happy. Kim & Brandon kept going “well, Sydney likes this” and at that moment, she did not. We sounded stupid. The truth is Sydney has changed the rules over the last few weeks and Mom & Dad are remembering the earlier and more peaceful times. Next time the Burkes visit, they are required to bring Ajaye so the girls can play!


  • Grandma Hakes

    Well, it is very nice to see the Burkes again. You’re both looking happy and relaxed. Isn’t parenthood wonderful? Please bring your daughter the next time so we Fort Wayne folks can enjoy her picture. Sydney – you’re looking as cute as a button. Oh, the hair-thing – you get that from Uncle Ben. Don’t worry honey, it’ll lay down in about a year. See you next week baby girl! Grandpa and Grandma Hakes

  • Aunt Steph

    Hey cutie!! Christian is jealous that you have more hair than he does.

  • Aunt Jamie

    Hey Syd,

    You’ve got some wild hair girl. I can’t wait to see you in a couple of days. I’m on count down. See you soon!