First Time Babysitting

By BrandonVisits7 Comments

Later today, Sydney will be undergoing her first babysitting experience. We will have updates later!

  • nicole


    u have tha best job in the world looking after that little girl when im oler i wanna be just as lucky as u people are

  • Heather


    this is also my first time seeing what it is like enjoy your time as i will my own.

  • Valerie


    I looking into babysitting and I really want to do what you’re doing, as a Summer job and want to get started as soon as possible!

  • Nicky

    I think babies and babysitting is a wonderful thing to do.

  • Samantha

    hey can u plz messege me back at cause I really need a job and if u have a spot open I will give u some information and refences. Thanks.

  • molly braxton

    I like to babysit b/c i love children and baby’s i want to be just like you’ll oneday

  • jamie

    that little girl is so cute if you ever need a baby sitter I’ll be happy but, I am only 13 but, I have a lot of expearyance