Race Day – Some Call It Sunday

By BrandonA Day in the Life4 Comments

Here Sydney is sporting her Jeff Gordon attire for Race Day.  Unfortunately, the picture didn’t show it well but she has a big 24 on the bib and a DuPont logo on the leg.  Grandpa is proud.  Lets go racing!

  • Grandma & Grandpa Coburn

    What a beautiful picture of G’ma and G’pa and Sydney. Hug her for us!

  • Jenn

    Keep the pictures coming!!!! We love them. Tell Sidney that AJaye sends hugs and kisses. Hope you all are well… keep sleeping baby girl!

  • Grandpa Herbie

    Ok, it’s time to vote!!!!

    Which of the 3 outfits does Miss Sydney look the best in?

    Outfit # 1= Orion

    Outfit # 2= Latitude

    Outfit # 3= JEFF GORDON # 24 (4 Time Nascar Champion) soon to be 5 time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Betty & Bob Scott

    Due to the fact that we’ve brain-washed by Grandpa Herb we are forced to vote for outfit # 3!