Falling Apart

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Ok, this kid is defective.  Now stuff is falling off of her.  What am I supposed to do with a belly button?  Maybe I can glue it back on.

Oddly, with this blog post, the big birth posting has fallen off the front page.  How time flies!

  • Grandma & Grandpa Coburn

    Hi Sydney! G’ma and G’pa miss you already. Hope today went well for Mommy while Daddy is in California working. Send more pictures! The gang at the Cracker Barrel will hear all about you tomorrow morning. Hugs and kisses Princess Peach.

  • Aunt Lois

    Really enjoying all the news and pictures. Keep it coming !!!!!!! and get that baby put back together before something else falls off !!!!! Bye Lois