By BrandonBirth7 Comments

Some of you might have had trouble with posting comments today. Wouldn’t you know that we would have web server problems today. Should be OK now. They all should show up. And by the way, pictures of Sydney have been released without my permission. Thanks, Sem.

  • Aunt Natalee

    Good thing she didn’t come out lookin’ like that!

  • Brad Poorman

    Congrats Kim!!!!!

    Remember transfer to a bottle ASAP so that you SPLIT who feeds and you can begin drinking again !!!

    We miss you at work.


  • Aunt Sara

    Wow Brandon, we were sitting at dinner trying to decide who Sydney looked like more. And well, we thought she had the Coburn chin but I guess this last picture proves she takes after Daddy!

  • Cindy & Corky & Kids & Dog

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get use to those old college all nighters. Glad to hear both or should I say all three of you doing great, The only degree from here on out will be majored in sleep deprivation!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    How come the baby is not dressed in Orion Software apparel yet? What gives? I can’t believe you are the president and I haven’t seen the logo in a picture yet.
    Get moving or you may lose your job.

  • Steve, just wait. I have it covered once we go home.

  • Kathy Merkovsky Rutter

    Hey Brandon, Congratulations on your beautiful daughter she looks just like you, but then again I haven’t seen you for years.
    Michelle had her son on april 28 at 7pm weighing 9lbs10oz.. She had to have a c section after a long hard labor. She just came home from the hospital and is starting to feel better. Her blood pressure is still high though. Tell your mom and dad I will email them soon. Computers are an amazing thing!!! Enjoy your new daughter because they grow up way too fast.