Watch Me

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Sydney’s life will be broadcast live day and night. Reminds me of that Jim Carrey movie I guess.

See what Sydney is doing here.

  • Camera was moved back to the crib. Sydney has been taking naps in the crib during the middle of the day now.

  • Amy

    How did you teach her to look up at the camera and smile?? If everyone looked that cute when they woke up the world would be a better place!

    Thanks for the smile. Amy

  • Her favorite monkey is hanging from the camera.

  • jennifer crocker

    too cute- she naps!!!

  • Aunt Jamie

    Syd I think you are supposed to be taking a nap, not playing. That’s okay, I wont tell mommy or daddy.

  • I am 1000 miles away from Sydney right now, yet I can see her napping. Technology. Except I can only see her legs. Where is her head?

  • G’ma C

    Sydney, G’ma has been watching you play in your crib. That silly Mom thinks you’re in there resting and you’ve been tossing your stuffed animals over the side. You’re funny!

  • G’ma

    Night, night Sugar Pie. G’pa and I watched as you attacked the lion’s face and then pushed it aside so you could lie down.

  • Granpa Coburn

    Sydney…. hey, Grandma and I went to Wallmart this morning and stocked up on suntan lotion for Christian and you.

    We will have strawberries and bananas for you to snack on, dried roasted peanuts for your Dad and Raisen Bran for Mom…. yum… Monday evening, we have a humongous cookout planned with 25+ attending…many visitors from Ft. Wayne…Aunt Alta, Uncle Mark, cousins, and many others.

    Grandma and I are very excited to see you (OK..and your parents). We will be waiting at the airport Friday evening… Love Grandpa

  • Grandpa Coburn


    Grandma and I are heading back to the beach this week…. we will be back in time to see you at the end of June. I will be thinking of you when I have my coffee, strawberries, and bananas each morning.

    Love G…C

  • Aunt Jamie

    Syd, you are playing so good in your crib, you are sitting up just waiting for your mommy to come get you. You just need to scream real loud and wake her up!! We just need to teach you to turn and look at the camera sometimes so we can see you better. See you soon!

    Love you, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jamie

  • G’ma & G’pa C

    Thanks, Daddy, for holding Syd up to the webcam for a close and personal. Love the belt with the shorts and trendy top.


  • Aunt Jamie

    Syd, I am just taking a break from my class and I came in to check on you and you are playing in your crib. Mommy is sitting on the floor in front of you and you two are throwing toys at each other. Wish I was there. Love you and say Hi to mommy and daddy for me.

  • Aunt Sara

    Awww…I miss you.

    Aunt Sara

  • G’ma C

    Morning, Baby Girl! I see you playing in your crib. Wish I were there to hold you tight.


  • Good morning, Sydney. I see you there. You are holding your pig tight while you sleep. See you tomorrow.

  • GrandPa C

    Hey Sydney…

    GrandPa drove the car for the first time in over two months today. I still have to wear my walking boot for another three weeks but I am almost back to normal.

    I will be able to walk you around to touch and see all the trees, bushes, and leaves the next time GrandMa and I see you.

    I enjoy stopping by your web cam to say hello every day, watch you sleep, and feel all the love I have for you.

    Good night… GrandPa C.

  • GrandPa C

    Hey Sydney….

    Just wanted you to know that GrandPa got his tennis shoe back today from the foot doctor this morning. He said my foot looks good and I can start using it again…I am in Florida and will be heading to the beach latter this week.

    Love… GrandPa C

  • Amy

    Hi Sydney, I love the new web cam! Now we can watch you have tea parties. Have a Happy New Year. Amy

  • Aunt Jamie

    Syd, I see you are napping with your Ta-Ta doll, I’m glad you like him. Uncle Kevin and I miss you and want you to come back soon!

  • Aunt Jamie

    Syd, it looks like your having a party in the basement. I see mommy holding Reagan and then you are playing so nicely with the neigbor girls.

  • April

    hey i came across your website and whatever and i was looking at your beautiful girl. SHe is so adorable, but its freaky how there is a webcam in her room.

  • Sum1

    Hey! You never know what you’re gonna find when surfing the net. I live about 9000km away from you and i’m still able to see your room. So exciting! I’m 17 year-old girl from Europe.

    Sydney, I think you’re one of the most beautiful kids i’ve ever seen. I wish i could be your big sister or something.. helping your parents to take care of ya πŸ™‚ They must be proud to have you. And Reagan too, of course. Hopefully I’ll see both of you in the cam one day (today i had to content myself with your cat!).

  • noora

    i love kids.Your children are really sweet.I have admired these pictures and i would like to send greetings from Finland:)

  • Kelly Argenson

    Aw, Sydney is such a cutie! I also have a baby named Sydney…I wish I could be smart and get a wecame in my daughters rooms, but I’m not that smart and I’d be a little spooked with strangers watching my and their every move.ahh..but cute kid she’s sleeping right now!

  • mi name is Mariana´s I 1 Year, of 20 of september 2005.

  • the gat the nursery

  • the two cats the nursery

  • Heather

    Oh my goodness, this is the first time I have ever seen Syd in the playroom…My name is Heather, and I am a 21 year old from Spokane, WA. I am expecting July 5th, 2006, and happened across Syd’s page by accident and have been watching anxiously for updates ever since. I don’t even know her, but it’s almost as if I do, watching all the happenings in her little life. I have popped on to the webcam a couple time and never seen anything, but I am so excited than I finally got to see Syd live. *big smile*

  • siempre que veo la webcam de sydney veo a los gatos pero a ella nunca.

  • sydney y reagan estan en la habitacion con su papa y mama, es la primera vez que los veo y me a agradado muchisimo.

  • jennifer delp

    i see reagan and sydney playing! for the first time!

  • jayson

    i love to see sydney playin about. im jayson my wife just had our baby last week, and i love seeing bloging mothers and there children. Sydney is sooo cute running around in pull-ups, hows potty training going for you, not to long til i gotta start, anyway, put some pics of her in pull ups or diaps. l8a

  • Erik

    I’m finally seeing Sydney and Reagan playing together! I always check here but never have seen them until now! Too cute ^_^

  • Lene Marie

    You should move the “train table” a bit, so we can see them better when they play… It so much fun to watch them….:)

  • Sophie

    so many kids in the crib!! Happy birthday Sydney and Reagan!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    where is everybody?

  • Jenny delp

    i saw all of you at once just now! And it is so cute how You were sitting at Syd’s little table Brandon!!! could you put reagan’s webcam on her front page like syd’s? i am inable to see Reagan’s becasue i have to enter a password to our computer πŸ™

  • Mom had me password protect Reagan’s camera a while ago because she got freaked out because it was on all the time.

  • Jennifer Delp

    oh. ok. thanks

  • Christian

    Christian says he would like to come over and play with Sydney in her basement.

  • Amanda


    I’m Amanda, I’m 12 years old, I live in Victoria, British Columbia. If live anywhere near me, I would love to babysit your kids some time! They’re adorable! Even though I have never met them, I feel like I know them and hve known them for a long time! Sorry, this probably seems kinda creepy… don’t worry. I’m not some creepy old guy pretending to be a twelve year old girl. Email me!!

  • they live in longmont colorado amanda

  • Amanda

    πŸ™ Well, if your ever in Victoria(which is highly unlikely) let me know.

  • Jasna

    sydney is sooo cute πŸ™‚

  • Charlotte

    Sydney is too cute! Love Charlotte x

  • Selina Rose

    I’ve never seen one of your beautiful daughters. what time may I see them?

    Once I saw 2 cats.

    what time do you wake up in the morning?

  • Nancy

    hey. I’m from germany. I dicovered this page in the web, because my sister is also called sydney and I googled her.

    I like your family. and it’s funny to see your daughters playing in the room.

    the webcam- do I see sydney’s room or does the room belong to both of the girls?

    could you be so kind and post a panorama of sydney’s room and also of reagan’s? that would be nice.

    love, nancy. greetings from sydney to sydney and of course to reagan, too.

  • Marie

    He he he… Right now Sydney and Reagan are standing on chairs and throwing toys all over the room.. I think its toy money and plastic toy food… Sydney jumps off the chair, and run to get more toys to through… I wonder what mom will say when she sees what her little girs have done.. Hehehe.. Guess she’s the one that has to clean it all up….. Hehe.. Poor Kim πŸ˜‰

  • Marie

    Happy fourth birthday Sydney!!!

    May 8th 2007!!! πŸ™‚

    ~Marie~ πŸ™‚

  • Barbi ( in Hungary)

    Hey!!! What are they doing now on the play room?? I don’t understand it!! Please help me.. i just see that it is dark and two men just walking with a big red lamp, but what are they doing???:D maybe the room full of ant?? or what??In addition about 30 minutes before.. Sydney and Reagan just look into the camera, and it was soo funny!! The are really cute!! ohh and happy birthday Sydney and Reagan too!! hy!

  • Tatiana

    Web page of Sydney and Reagan are very good, there are some very beautiful girls, we congratulate Brandon, have a wonderful family, you command a greeting from you Argentina.

    god bless you and your family.